Friday, 26 July 2013

2nd Poll US SERIES

Which US drama serial would you want me to write up on to recommend it to others?
- Heroes
- Suits
- The Unit
- Lie to Me
- Hawaii Five-0

Comment to vote :DD

----------------------ENDED ( TY FOR PARTICIPATING!)-------------------

New Updates on US Serial tab! check it out:D

- How i met your mother
- Supernatural ( My friend wanted to write up on Supernatural no matter what, so yay! Haha :D)
- The Mentalist
- Mad Men
- Ghost Whisperer
- Breaking Bad

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Results for US drama poll!

SO~ Since The Mentalist, Supernatural and How i met your mother has equal number of votes each, i will do 2 of them. Which 2 will you wan me to write up on? :) Also the 2nd poll will be up soon :D so stay tuned ^______^!